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Smart Women and the Movie Up November 3, 2009 By Joy Chudacoff Leave a Comment A few days ago, our family went to see the movie We laughed at a lot at how silly we all looked in our 3D glasses! In the movie, the character Ellie was both adventurous and feisty. Ellie had a wild imagination and Carl (her young friend who later became her husband) found her enchanting and fell in love with her. After their marriage, Ellie created a very special Book and inside she had written, I going to do. This got me thinking about why Smart Women should have their own special adventure books and make plans and set goals around the they are going to do. As I reflect on my life and dial it forward to now, I been fortunate to travel on many adventures and I have a lot of memories to put in Adventure Book. There are a lot of photos and memories around the I going to do. How about you? Do you have an adventure, Big Idea, or goal that you would like to take action on? Do you daydream about doing something different

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