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2012 was a year of celestial surprises NASA has released a preemptive video to help explain why
Wholesale jerseys from China people managed to wake up on December 22nd, instead of dying in a flaming hell ball on the 21st. Thanks NASA!2012 was a year of celestial surprises, with grand discoveries, massive events, major scares and super rare occurrences. From super moons and solar scares to Mayan calendars and a surprising Hubble discovery, the year has been full of excitement, accomplishment and apprehension. Photo by Joern Haufe The Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world, just the end of a cycle. This is a bit of silliness that has people worried about the end of days. The controversial predictions came when the media made a deal out of the complex "long count"
Wholesale jerseys from China Mayan calendars. The calendars consisted of several cycles that extended for a total of about 5,125 years. Each cycle went to several hundred years, then reset to zero. The Baktun cycle was the last cycle that scientists could find. This

free winter in the urban Northeast. But this storm threatened to make up the difference in a single blow. Boston was expected to get 2 to 3 feet of snow, New York 1 1/2 to 2 feet and Philadelphia more than a foot. The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for a 250 mile swath of the region, meaning heavy, blowing snow and potential whiteout conditions. Forecasters warned that the wind could gust to 75 mph or more along the Massachusetts coast and up 50 mph farther inland. In Massachusetts, ferry service to Martha Vineyard was greatly curtailed and to Nantucket was suspended. Commuter railroads across the Northeast announced plans to stop running overnight, and most flights out of the region major airports were canceled. Even food deliveries were off limits on the streets of takeout friendly Manhattan. The governors of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island also slapped restrictions on nonessential travel. learned the lesson the hard way, said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo,

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