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The keys to success Such comments are frequent, according to the owner of Laguna Beach based Jasmine Street General Store, whether people come in specifically looking for The Giving Keys or stumble across them. The 2 month old shop, half a block from Heisler Park, houses a little bit of everything toys, cards, umbrellas and beach chairs. The necklaces are The Giving Keys’ only
Wholesale NBA jerseys products sold there. Robinson has a soft spot for the old, repurposed keys. A plaque informs visitors about the Los Angeles based company that employs people transitioning out of homelessness. They are the ones who stamp the keys with words including "faith," "dream," "love" and "fearless." Wearers are encouraged to not only give their message bearing item to someone who they believe needs the encouragement, but
Wholesale NFL jerseys also to send the team at The Giving Keys their pay it forward stories. It’s a point of pride for Robinson that her mom and pop store sells several goods made by companies that donate portions of their proceeds to charity. What sets the concept of the keys apart, she finds, is that the making of the items gives people work. "I like giving new life to something that’s old," she remarked. She discovered a used hotel room key and liked it so much that she began wearing it around her neck. Soon after, she was at a locksmith shop, where she came across some discarded keys and discovered that words could be etched on them. After getting a few made, Crosby began giving them to friends as gifts. Judging by their response, she quickly realized that she was on to something and began selling them while on tour. "They would sell out more than her CDs," said Brit Moore, the organization’s managing director. "So Caitlin thought to herself, ‘Maybe I should focus on this a little bit more.’"

Courses Programs You can’t beat the feeling of stepping on to a River Valley Golf course for a rejuvenating round. The locations of all 3 City owned and operated courses are superb. Nestled in the River Valley with breathtaking views, you’re sure to enjoy a relaxing experience. If you need to brush up on your skills, there are lessons available. At the Pro Shops you’ll find everything you need to enjoy your time on the course from designer golf attire, to golf balls, equipment and friendly advice. Location(s): Victoria Golf Course and Driving Range, Riverside Golf Course and Rundle Golf Course. When to Participate: Spring to Fall. Did you know the golf courses are track set for cross country skiing in the winter? Picnicking is a fantastic activity for friends and family across the River Valley. You have a variety of options: from drop in sites to bookable spaces, your choices are endless. Take time to relax and rejuvenate in a River Valley park this year. When to Participate: Year round! Although picnic sites

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