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from more than 100 countries around the world. AUD is a leading cause of liver disease and death. However, burden of chronic HCV infection analyses barely take into account the potential confounding role of AUD on prognosis. Our aim was to compare the prognostic value of chronic HCV infection and AUD in the general population. Methods: In 2008 2012, 28,953,755 adult individuals residing in Metropolitan France were hospitalized and 1,506,453 died at hospital (51.6% and 55.7% of National Vital Statistics, respectively). We characterized all hospitalized patients by severe comorbidities (see Table), and tracked their trajectory according to chronic HCV infection and/or AUD (including withdrawal/abstinence). Age at death
Cheap nike jerseys was analyzed in multivariate Cox proportional hazards model from January 2008 to last discharge or transplantation with stratification by gender, main French regions, and having received care in teaching hospitals. Overall, the adjusted hazard ratio of in hospital death (aHR) was 1.90 (95% confidence

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